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Daily link November 24th, 2007

I’m going to transfer all of our IP to the USA

Starting next month I am going to assign all of our IP including that of our search to an American company. I’m going to start pulling BeerCo out of Canada piece by piece until it’s all gone.

If the Federal govt wants to be unreasonable, they can do so, if BDC wants to be unreasonable it can do so. They won’t be doing it with BeerCo’s money anymore. They’ll have to find some new idiots to beat with a stick, because we’re not going to be around these parts come late 2008 when our last contract ends.

I’m not putting our search online here. I am getting a U-Haul, filling out the proper customs documents and I am driving it to a center in NYC instead.

That’s what you get. Harper, and his minister buddies can beat on Canadians all they want, but I have a choice. I am going to get the hell out of here. I will put my brother in charge of our sick family member when I leave. I doubt he can handle it because he is himself ill, but this is unbearable.

50% income tax is not acceptable, 15% sales tax is not acceptable, $5 a gallon for gas is unacceptable, paying double tax on employees that did not do profitable work is unbearable, and the non-representation in any type of govt that we have here is non-bearable. I like Canadian people, but the govt system, and most notably the ministers here are full of crooks and the mafia. I’m totally out of here. I’ve made my mind up. Our commercial lease is up in sept 2008 and BCS will be cleared out by that time.

The Canadian corp will be dissolved and re-registered as a US small LLC. I can do this because I am an American citizen in case you were wondering. They have trouble extorting people with dual-citizenships here. They should work on that for next time.

Oh, and I’m still not listing myself as an employee for 2007, because I didn’t do paid non-research work. They can do whatever they want about that.

UPDATE: I think I should get an achievement award of some type for trying to startup in as hostile a business environment as Quebec, Canada. I actually started a business up here and kept it running for what will be 3 years by the time it’s dissolved next year. That’s unbelievable considering how the business world here is a tight knit network of highly corrupt affiliates, and that the taxes come out to about 75% of income when you add service, gas and the huge sales tax.

So I don’t consider this a failure. I consider it a success. Now that I have cut my teeth in such a horrific business and social environment, I think the BeerCo USA will seem like cake in comparison. It was like boot camp training in Siberia. I feel bad for my family member, but you can only do so much right.

If you’re wondering, the only types of businesses that succeed here are extremely low overhead branches of American firms. Home grown businesses here fail, usually in under a year due to the fact that the govt of Canada not only doesn’t help small or medium business here, they actually go out of their way to hurt small and medium business as much as they can.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve thought about it quite a bit. I am going to find a place of business and register “BeerCo USA” in Sunny California in the summer of 2008. I will release the search engine when the office is open there, and host it at a local datacenter there. Right before I leave I will sell the vehicles and get a uhaul and drive the gear cross country.

This is my last blog post. The blog will stay up as a journal.

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